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A Buyer's Guide To Aquamarine Engagement Rings

If you have always wanted to purchase a ring that would have special meaning for you and your significant other, aquamarine engagement rings can be an excellent choice. These rings can offer couples a variety of unique advantages over other types of rings. They are highly prized for their crisp, eye catching tones and the way in which they can be effortlessly set with a wide variety of different precious metals. Aquamarine rings have a rich history and the gemstone itself has significant meaning that can make it the perfect choice for your engagement ring.

What Makes Aquamarine Engagement Rings Perfect?

There are numerous different advantages that come with choosing these types of engagement rings. To begin with, they are very unique in appearance, and will immediately turns heads when they are worn. These types of rings are also extremely affordable, especially if you are trying to budget for your ring. Almost all details surrounding the stone are low costing, ranging from its selection to any customization that you may want done. These rings are also extremely versatile and can be crafted into a wide variety of different cuts, including princess, round, and emerald. Individuals will find that they will have a lot more creative input with these rings, which can lead to a much more satisfying purchasing experience down the road. These rings are very resistant and durable as well, and will keep their shine for many years without too much special maintenance on the part of the wearer.

The Aquamarine's Symbolism and Meaning

Aquamarines have a wide variety of different connotations and meanings, and are particularly popular among couples who plan on purchasing a gemstone that will best represent those meanings. Aquamarines are the birthstone of people born in March, and they are also associated with the horoscope of Pisces. A large amount of the gemstone's meaning and associations are tied with oceans and the soothing qualities of their waves along the shoreline. The gemstone is associated with healing and calmness, and part of its history involves sailors keeping aquamarine pieces with them in the belief that the gemstones would soothe the nature of the sea during long voyages. The gemstone itself has represented calm healing energy since its widespread trading, symbolizing its deep connection with water. It is believed that the gem can help protect from chaotic, harmful feelings, washing them away in order to make way for pleasant, soothing ones.

History of Aquamarine Rings

Giving aquamarine inlaid rings as a sign of promise and marriage first began in Ancient Rome. The Romans believed that aquamarines engagement rings would capture and keep the strength of young love, and, as a result, the rings were traded by young couples to ensure that the feeling would remain throughout their marriage. This practice continued throughout history, where much of its gifted intent had stayed the same. Aquamarines were chosen for engagement rings to represent that first spark that brings two people together, and is meant to convey a more passionate type of love. Cultures have used the stone to invoke a sense of happiness and youth, believing that it would infuse all couples with the feeling of young love. Aquamarine rings have especially risen in popularity in recent years, due to their unique appearance and symbolism.

Choosing the Right Aquamarine Engagement Ring

When choosing your ideal engagement ring, it is important to think about what type of cut you want and how the gemstone should be established in the metal. Avoid purchasing rings with too shallow of cuts, as they can begin to dull at a faster rate over time, requiring more maintenance in order to maintain its shine. With a budget in mind, you will find that it is much easier to begin purchasing the ring, especially if there is a selection that you already have your eyes on. Think about what the gemstone will mean for you and what kinds of metals can accent both the symbolism and the appearance of the ring.

Caring for Your Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Fortunately, maintaining aquamarine engagement rings can be very easy. They possess a range of seven to eight on the Mohs Scale hardness scale, which means that they are extremely scratch resistant and strong enough to last against most types of wear and tear. Because of its hardness, it can maintain its shine for a very long time, and most types of maintenance for the rings will be minimal and easy to incorporate into weekly routines. The safest cleaning method for aquamarine jewelry is to simply use warm soapy water. There are other types of cleaning that can be considered, such as with steam or ultrasonic machines, and these methods are usually safe unless the gemstone has any fractures of inclusions. Particularly damaged aquamarines should only ever be cleaned with warm, soapy water, as any other methods will only cause further damage to the stone.

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