aquamarine ring

Antique Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Antique aquamarine engagement rings are a gorgeous, vintage-inspired and eye-catching alternative to the traditional - not to mention unimaginative - diamond engagement ring variety. The sky blue hue of a twinkling aquamarine jewel, which is also the birthstone of those born during the month of March, is enchanting and enticing, evoking the mystery and vastness of a calm ocean on a warm, summer day. The beautiful semi-precious aquamarine gemstone, which is a distant cousin of the striking green emerald, draws the eye in, captivating the onlooker.

The most impressive feature of an aquamarine engagement ring is its unique ability to shine and reflect an exceptionally wide range of deep and pale colored blue shades. This enables a virtually endless array of one of a kind cuts. Since aquamarine is the color of water, it is considered a gem which holds a powerful life-giving force. In fact, aquamarine was one considered the lucky stone of the sailors, as it was said to originate from the treasure chests of mermaids. Aquamarine is said to bring the wearer luck, wealth and a happy marriage.