Rose Gold Aquamarine Engagement Ring

The Beauty Of Rose Gold Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Rose gold aquamarine engagement rings are prized for their luster, depth, shine and strength. Aquamarine is a durable gemstone which can cope well with every day wear. This gem's natural color is light green with some yellow hue. Some with a solid light blue color also exist, albeit rarely. It also looks brilliant in several cuts which include heart, princess and round brilliant. Its moderate refractive index gives it the gentle shine and sparkle of a well cut gemstone.

Rose gold engagement rings are also suited for multicolor patterns, designs and etchings across the ring itself. This can not only be designed to perfectly fit the various choices of gemstones, it also gives the ring a personalized feel. The gem is normally heated to remove any green or yellow colors, thereby enhancing the blue tones. This treatment is fairly common and hard to distinguish from gems that are naturally blue. Most blue gemstones are thus labelled as probably heat treated. They offer an affordable yet stunning alternative to their white diamond counterparts.

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