Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Rings Hold Timeless Beauty

Vintage aquamarine engagement rings are very attractive for their classic appeal. They sparkle and shine with a stunning blue-green hue that will have anyone in awe. If you prefer a timeless, more simple design that you can cherish for a lifetime, consider a vintage ring for your engagement. The aquamarine is the gemstone for the birth month of March. Whether you are a bride with a birthday during the month of March, or you will be getting married that month, this is a great choice.

Nature lovers from all backgrounds will love to wear a beautiful vintage ring in this shade of blue-green. The gemstone is said to hold magical powers, such as encouraging people to experience love and mercy. Choose one that is a very basic design, or go for a ring that is more on the ornate side. No matter what you decide, you will love the romantic charm and calming beauty of the aquamarine.