Yellow Gold Aquamarine Engagement Ring

The Uniqueness Of Yellow Gold Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Aquamarine rings have a gleaming glow, which is why they are perfect as engagement rings. The pastel blue-green color of the gem is unique, unlike the regular white, red or green stones. Whether used alone or surrounded by small accenting gemstones, aquamarine rings have a unique charm. While these can be paired with white gold, sterling silver or rose gold, the light blue color looks best when paired with a yellow gold band because this allows the stone to stand out.

Yellow gold aquamarine engagement rings are truly in vogue these days and there are umpteen designs to choose from. These rings have a soft yet elegant look to them which makes them timeless. Irrespective of the cut of the aquamarine gemstone, these gorgeous rings are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face! White bands such as silver or white gold have a crisp look to it but it is yellow gold that offers a traditional look to the ring. Therefore if you want a gorgeous and unique engagement ring with a touch of tradition then these rings would fit the bill!

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